G N’ R: 25k iTunes sales, 7Digital undercuts

New reports claim first-week US sales of the long-awaited Guns ‘N’ Roses album, ‘Chinese Democracy’, have reached between 300,000 to 500,000 copies.

The report also claims the album has seen 25,000 downloads through the iTunes Store in the US, though the album won’t show up in the charts until next week.

The band’s free MySpace streaming premiere of the album attracted 8,429,387 plays in the first four days.

Meanwhile there’s battle joined between Apple’s iTunes service and UK DRM-free online music retailer 7Digital this week. Both services are offering ‘Chinese Democracy’ for sale through their sites, but while iTunes is charging £7.99, you can buy the album – one of the most hotly-anticipated titles of the year – for just £5 from 7Digital.

1 thought on “G N’ R: 25k iTunes sales, 7Digital undercuts

  1. Andy

    wait til the real numbers come in….read em and weep. Axl got it right and people much smarter than you will figure it out.

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