Chemical Brothers Make An iTunes Pass for US/Canada Fans

Not sure how new this is, but I’ve not come across it before, hit band The Chemical Brothers are offering a mixed media iTunes Pass deal to fans in the US and Canada.

In conjunction with EMI Music’s Astralwerks Records the ground-breaking electronica makers, The Chemical Brothers are offering this iTunes Pass: What this means is fans of the band will get new and exclusive singles, video and other content.

This is available today in conjunction with The Chemical Brothers’ forthcoming seventh studio album, Further, to be released on June 22nd in the US. The album is the band’s first to include the distinctive visuals fans usually only experience at a live show. Buy the iTunes Pass and you’ll receive an instant download featuring an uninterrupted 51-minute audio/visual experience of the full album, Further.

On June 15, fans will automatically receive a 20 minute “Making Of” feature that goes behind the scenes revealing how the groundbreaking visuals for this album were made.

On the album’s official street date of June 22 fans will receive the iTunes LP featuring the entire 8-track album in audio form including an additional exclusive audio track “Don’t Think” as well as the album’s 8 videos that can be viewed individually. This special iTunes LP format also includes an art image gallery as well as an extensive photo gallery of how the visuals were shot and created.

Finally, on June 29, fans will receive yet another bonus – the exclusive track “Pourquoi.”

“We are delighted to work with iTunes and EMI Astralwerks in this special edition iTunes pass” said the band’s manager, Robert Linney.

“With this iTunes Pass, fans of The Chemical Brothers can now get a slice of what it’s like to experience a live show, Glenn Mendlinger, Senior Vice President/GM for EMI’s Astralwerks label.  “It’s the first time fans have had access to their extraordinary visuals that have previously only been part of the band’s amazing live gigs.  The combination of high quality audio and video in the iTunes Pass format has helped Tom and Ed realize their creative vision for Further:  to give fans a way to experience the music and visuals together.”

“We wanted to offer the Chemical Brothers’ huge die-hard fan base a special package that would give them first access to special content before, on and after street date, said Dominic Pandiscia, Executive Vice President, EMI Music Services in North America.  “From previous experience, we know that super-fans really like and respond to this kind of iTunes offering.”

As well as an eight-track album, Further is the band’s first proper partnership with long-time visuals collaborators Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall. Now a respected TV and film director, Adam – aka Flat Nose George – has been responsible for creating the visual backdrop for every Chemical Brothers gig since their live debut in 1994. Visuals for Further have been created to correspond with each track on the album and have been planned during the recording of the record.

In addition to the digital album and iTunes pass, Further will also be available as a deluxe edition CD/DVD (including the 8 films plus a ‘making of’ video), a standard audio CD and as a double vinyl LP.

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