Check out Muse’s elegant, feature-packed iPhone app

The official Muse app featuring music, video & artwork from ‘The Resistance’ album is available now.

The software offers interchangeable app skins, access to an archive of interesting Muse music videos, an interactive Muse map and a camera equipped with social features so fans can share live events. There’s also a forum, RSS feeds and a tour calendar.

Features to push the Resistance album included within the app include:
‘The Resistance’ interactive AppBook
‘Resistance’ full music video
‘United States of Eurasia’ full audio track
30 second clips of all tracks from ‘The Resistance’

These’s also an interactive media map which can get you to other fans, upcoming and older gigs, official images and much more.

All told this is one of the more feature-packed iPhone apps we’ve seen so farl, we like.

Snag it here.

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