Chasm exists between music biz and fan

UK music industry analysis firm, Music Ally, has released serious research exploring the Future of Music Retail.

The analysts have made a free copy of a summary of the survey results available for download. The survey asked a number of leading UK music industry executives for their views on future pricing, business models and the outlook for music retail. The report includes Music Ally’s analysis of the results.

The information highlights some of the chasms between music consumers and the industry that attempts to reach them. Not least on price, the two sides have very different opinions.

“The industry feels that device compatibility is an important way to get consumers to buy more digital music: but only one in five consumers felt interoperability would encourage them to buy more digital music,” the analysts explain.

And while 46% of executives felt that digital music store usability was an important consideration, just 8% of consumer respondents saw this as an issue.

Get the survey right here

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