CBS shows for FaceBook, Bebo, more…

CBS Interactive has tied an intriguing deal with iWidgets, under which US viewers will be able to populate their Facebook and MySpace pages with their favourite CBS shows, among other features.

The two firms will demonstrate their future-focused social broadcast offering tomorrow at the DEMO conference in San Diego.

The iWidgets Social Syndication Platform will enable users to watch full episodes of television programming directly within popular social networks, and to socially engage others with engaging such features as sharing, polls, ratings, and contests.

“We’ve explored the widget world often here at DEMO, but no one had yet developed similar functionality for Facebook or MySpace applications – until iWidgets,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO Conferences. “Anyone can build and deploy apps on iWidgets for free but the real power of the software lies in brand usage. The company brings data from outside into the walled garden of social networks and start pages like iGoogle and Netvibes. iWidgets is poised to herald a new revolution in app design.”

Over the next few months CBS Interactive will be “socially syndicating” a majority of its programming.

Peter Yared, CEO of iWidgets. “With social syndication, websites can now have their users share with their friends interesting information about themselves, such as their favorite television programming, their last run plotted by GPS, and their favorite recipes, which drives traffic and brand awareness.”

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