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Google’s Schmidt claims only Samsung, Google match iPhone?

Google's Schmidt claims only Samsung, Google match iPhone

Google’s OS now dominates the smartphone sector in terms of unit sales. However, perhaps market share isn’t such a good metric now Google’s chair has admitted only a few devices — from Google and Samsung — truly compete with the iPhone. The diverse smartphone sector has just been reduced to a three horse race: Apple, Samsung and Google. No other Android partners need apply. Is this open enough for you?

Bad day at the Google factory

It sure was a tough day for Google yesterday — any sense of moral prerogative once held by the company or its wider Android “family” may never recover from what took place.

The day begins with news from the US appeals court, which has allowed Apple to once again begin its attempt to force Samsung to cease shipping some of its iDevice-infringing products. To be fair, this is little more than a step toward a somewhat pyrrhic moral victory: these are old products that aren’t stocked any more (except possibly among retailers still trying to shift piles of old units out of their warehouses), but the meaning of the decision (if upheld) is clear:

Samsung copied Apple. Continue reading

The iPhone isn’t going to ship in June, report claims

Very interesting series of reasons the fanbois and Apple-haters shouldn’t begin shooting their load just yet: “I’m really not expecting the iPhone 5 launch will take place during the Apple[AAPL] WWDC event this June. I don’t really think it was ever planned. Here’s three reasons why you shouldn’t hold your breath:” READ THE REST HERE

Why an ‘iPad mini’ makes sense for Apple

A smaller iPad would make perfect sense as an eBook reader — about the size of a paperback. It would offer better features than anything the Amazon/Android hybrid can offer, including iOS levels of usability. Best of all, given Apple’s economies of scale when it comes to component acquisition, would crack the market at a price guaranteed to maximize the pleasure and the pain of the company’s enemies, chained as they are to higher component prices than those Apple can command. Rumors claim this imaginary 7-inch iPad will cost $250. READ MORE.

Apple’s iTunes Match is yesterday’s future ten year’s late



Apple [AAPL] today is expected to introduce its super-fast, voice-savvy,revolutionary fifth-generation iPhone. The company is also expected to unleash the file-sharing amnesty-like services of iCloud and iTunes Match — on a day which ironically also marks the tenth anniversary of the founding world’s first legal P2P music-sharing service, Wippit.