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Apple Steampunk’t — Victorian values for iPad, Mac and iPhone

The Internet. Cloud-based computing. The PC. The Apple [AAPL] mobile vision. iPads and iPhones. These technologies are transforming relationships at a rapid rate. Sometimes it’s nice to slip into something historical and evocative, so here’s some solutions to steampunk your Apple kit.

First I came across the Old Time Computer iMac covers. This transforms your Apple desktop into an object that doesn’t just look like it came from another world with better designers, but another world entirely, via some wormhole in the space-time continuum.



Apple makes 3D TV sexy with iPad 3 HD

There’s a market segment that’s desperately needing a little slice of Apple [AAPL] product marketing magic, and it’s 3DTV. Introduced with much brouhaha as a ‘must-have’ killer new feature, the technology has rapidly been relegated to just another spec, consumers like it, don’t love it. Does Apple have an iPad plan to make the technology interesting?

Apple iPhone sales growth slows, analysts claim

In a move which may well be reported as an Android dents Apple story but which (to my mind, at least) reflects a later-than-anticipated introduction of CDMA iPhones on compatible networks in China and India, analysts this morning claim Apple has “revised downward” its orders for iPhone production in the current quarter. Bear in mind, of course, that this could be perfectly normal as the company swabs the decks for introduction of new iPhone models in June, though this is not not expected….

Anyway, from the report: Continue reading