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Apple religion will help the homeless

Yesterday we learned that Apple is a religious experience, now the head of one of the UK’s biggest homeless self-help organizations wants to spread the new iSalvation as he moves to create an innovative street level news organization using iPhones.

This unique move will see homeless and near homeless street newspaper sellers given iPhone (5’s) by the head of the organization with which they’ll be asked to take pictures, videos and notes of what’s happening around them in order to send them back to the news room.

That’s what’s coming to Big Issue sellers in the UK. The Big Issue is a UK institution, founded by John Bird the principle is extremely simple: homeless or near homeless people can visit the magazine’s headquarters to buy a pile of the titles to sell on the street. They get to keep a half the £2 cover price.
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Apple signs majors to iTunes cloud

The Apple [AAPL] social network for music, Ping, seems set to become something you want to use, rather than an embarrassing relative you try to ignore. That’s because the company has reached a series of key major label deals to support its mythical cloud-based music services, even as its competitors — including Google and Amazon — fail to reach deals for their own unlicensed attempts. We’ve also learned that Apple has been developing the service for years, with a new patent filing showing a unique approach to service delivery.


Google’s music service sucks

Google’s digital music service falls short of ambition

“Generally there were demands on the business side that we think were unreasonable and don’t enable us to have a sustainable, scalable music business,” says some Google suit.

What annoys me here is that Google is blaming the labels for just how crappy its new digital music service is, yelling at the music ‘people’ because the cash they wanted wouldn’t let Google run a scaleable business… other words, the music biz wanted enough cash to pay itself and the artists, while Google wanted to pay peanuts for creativity in its mission to ensure all creativity is searchable and findable by people using those also crappy Google Chrome client terminals *$499, while stocks last, so get an iPad and don’t be simple-minded* and ‘the Google’ search engine. Also so that people sucking on the GOOG Kool-Aid “we’re beyond good and evil” post modern, neo-fascist, religio-philosophical bullshit can make their money while the people who, you know, actually make the music and other creative stuff, find the music and other creative stuff, sell the music and other creative stuff and support the music and other creative stuff starve. But that’s alright because it lets the Google location and user data glutton continue in its multinational quest to get rich simply by designing stupid computer programs which let you find stuff and thing, some of which you didn’t need a decade ago.

I’m waiting for Apple’s cloud. I love music. I love all the creative arts. I’m willing to pay for them. Google is a hitchhiker, but it has the cash it needs to buy its own car. Thanks for dropping in.

iPod nano says ‘beam me up Scotty’

Oh come on, this is science fiction. That thing you wear on your wrist? It’s gonna Facetime for you, and be controlled by voice. OK, sure, it might not be this year, it could be next year, it could be later, but it’s on the way so get with the show. What we do with this new uber-connected reality where you can ask your wristwatch where the local vinyl exchange is and be told it got shut down by lazy labels in the digital dawn? Where you can ask your watch for coffee and it’ll tell you to go there for coffee. Where you can hit Grinder if you’re gay/lesbian or OK Cupid if you’re straight (or both if you’re both and frankly if you can handle that much time management challenge, hats off to you) and make an immediate date? This augmented reality, all carried on your wrists, well until old Woz’ future prediction gets it right and we all have AAPL-branded cyborgs in our ear….

Returning briefly to reality, here’s a pic of the Facetime camera on iPod nano. By which we’ve basically established a low power processor to handle the connectivity and call, even if only over Wi-Fi, so suddenly what’s up top doesn’t feel quite so crazy anymore, maybe…. Over to you, I take comments here, too.

[OK, sure, it might not be this year, it could be next year, it could be later, but it’s on the way some day so get with the show.]

Fact or fake, doesn’t matter. You know something like this will happen. After all, I did say it was science fiction

How Apple dents the universe

Apple [AAPL] seems set to kill the optical drive when it releases Mac OS X ‘Lion’ as a downloadable upgrade via the Mac App Store. While this begs questions — principally how a Mac user can launch a faulty Mac from disk, without a disk — this isn’t the first time Apple’s changed an industry. Here’s a short — and necessarily incomplete — list:


Best Buy beats Apple’s iTunes to UK music streaming services

While we wait for Apple to offer iTunes music streaming, here’s news for UK readers: Best Buy UK, the UK arm of US electronics powerhouse Best Buy, to introduce My Music Anywhere throughout UK Best Buy stores as well as Carphone Warehouse shops.

Coming as we wait on the EMI/ verdict, this is a cloud-based digital music locker service. Better yet, it works with iPhones and iPads and all Android tablets. Two services are being introduced. Free and Pro.

The ‘My Music Anywhere’ service, developed in partnership with Catch Media, works by fingerprinting the user’s personal music library, which is then made available to the user in the cloud and allows users to seamlessly stream those tracks to their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Continue reading

Chemical Brothers Make An iTunes Pass for US/Canada Fans

Not sure how new this is, but I’ve not come across it before, hit band The Chemical Brothers are offering a mixed media iTunes Pass deal to fans in the US and Canada.

In conjunction with EMI Music’s Astralwerks Records the ground-breaking electronica makers, The Chemical Brothers are offering this iTunes Pass: What this means is fans of the band will get new and exclusive singles, video and other content. Continue reading