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Will Carling, the Apple iPad detective

What would you do when a near-six-foot tall rugby player (think, American football for seriously tough guys) comes hammering on your door demanding the return of their lost iPad? That’s what happened when UK sports celebrity, former lover of Princess Diana. and former England rugby captain, Will Carling, left his iPad on the train. Using MobileMe’s Find My iPhone feature he was able to find his device. I caught up with him to chat about what happened next. Read it here.

Video: Meet the maker of Apple’s Startup Sound


This video features an interview with Jim Reekes, the creator of the Apple Startup and the “sosumi” chime.

Among other things he tells us that until 1999 Reekes wrote “pretty much” all Apple’s audio software. “I was responsible for the sound manager and making it make sound. Like the ability for it to make sound. And then I completed rewrote it. Got a couple patents for those designs. Became a member of the QuickTime team and just sorta owned audio.”

Enjoy the clip. (Thanks to TUAW).

Video: Universal’s digital chief talks the future of music

This is interesting – Rob Wells, Senior Vice-President of Digital at the world’s largest major label, Universal Music Group International, tells us what’s what in the future of music.

This is a wide-ranging chat, covering the past, present and several different outcomes for the future of music, including building new commercial models that integrate social and search sites, and of course a little mobile (Apple). Interesting stuff for anyone who cares about the future of media and music. (Video after the break).
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Interview: Mentalist iPhone musicians tell their tale

London-based all-girl band the Mentalists caught everyone’s attention this week when they published a video of their cover of MGMT’s hit trackl ‘Kids’, all played entirely on a bunch of iPhones and iPod touch(es).

We were compelled to get in touch and spoke with Mentalist Kim E. Leon today, only to find out they’re a proper band, with music and websites and gigs and everything, who describe themselves rather adroitly a “like Cyndi Lauper – on acid…”. Here’s what we found out.

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An interview with 7digital’s Ben Drury

We caught up with UK online music service 7digital’s chief executive Ben Drury this week. A seasoned digital music industry professional, he shared his insights on Apple’s music market challenges as competition proliferates, social networking in music, lossless music downloads and much more.

Distorted Loop: Why does music matter?
Ben Drury: Although music is not defined in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (ref:, I believe it must figure pretty highly on most people’s lists.  In all cultures, with the possible exception of some extremist religious societies, music forms an integral part of self-expression, social cohesion, worship etc
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Archive: an interview with Coil

Coil were a hugely influential UK experimental/industrial music group formed in 1982 by John Balance and his lover Peter Christopherson. Following the tragic death of John Balance on 13 November 2004, Peter Christopherson announced that Coil as an entity had ceased to exist.

I was fortunate to interview both men around thirteen years ago. I came across this interview in my archive today, and thought it worth re-publishing, as it was only ever made available in a limited circulation print title I then ran. It’s available here now as a gesture of respect for the band.
JR: Tell us about your new album?
COIL: I had this Lovecraftian idea that somehow something from another planet, an intelligence was guiding our music. We did an album as ELPH and that was absolutely this – the idea that something was guiding you rather than just doing a rock album.

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An interview with The Bays

They don’t release records, don’t rehearse and only play live, but for the people who know of them, The Bays are essential purveyors of one of the edgiest musical experiences around, driving John Walters to write in The Guardian: “The Bays remind you that music is about experience rather than shopping.”

The band gig tirelessly, fully committed to what they love every appearance is completely and utterly unique – and there’s no commercial agenda, no album to push, no marketing hype. Each gig is about the moment, the experience, a shared excitement between these primal beat-wizards and their growing throng of fans.

I spoke with keyboard player, Simon Richmond to find out what makes the band tick. Once again this was published in print earlier this year, but the title is now out of print.

Q: When, where and how did you all get together?
A: The Bays membership and sound has been evolving for about the last seven years. The current line-up: Andy Gangadeen, Chris Taylor, Jamie Odell, Simon Richmond has been going for nearly five years. The band came together after a series of spontaneous jams trying out bringing musical instruments together with sound sources and devices less often associated with live performance. The idea was to fuse the “music” and the “science” and show how both could work together at performance level.
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We7 boss talks Apple, choice and future music

Steve Purdham is the CEO and founder investor in ads-supported free music play, We7.

We7 is an innovative music service, offering music for free on an ad-supported model. The service gives users lots of control – they can choose specific tracks, stream them, share them with others, and can buy them if they wish.

The service offers free music by dynamically grafting short audios ads. “This way, you can enjoy downloading and streaming music for free, safe in the knowledge that the artists, composers and rights owners will still get paid for their creative work,” the company website says. And if you don’t want the ads, you can buy the track to get rid of them.

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