makes LinkedIn bid for iPhone…

Business-focused social network LinkedIn – aka “Facebook for suits” – has new tools for collaboration and sharing thanks to, an online storage company that’s also introduced a solution for the iPhone. offers users a free 1GB of online storage for their data, documents and so on (a paid version of the service offers more storage and extra features).

Using’s new application on LinkedIn, users can share documents, presentations and other files on their profile page and manage files to share with other LinkedIn users – so you can shuffle your CV around, work together on business proposals – whatever you need.

iPhone and iPod touch users can now download’s iPhone application, which offers powerful tools for productivity (ie, you won’t be tempted by Wordscraper).

iPhone users can scroll through and view all the files and folders on their account. For viewing, the Box app supports all the file types supported by the iPhone, including Microsoft Office files, PDFs, photos, audio and video.

Users can also share files or folders of files with any of their iPhone contacts; the application also offers options for sharing and archiving images taken using the iPhone.

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