VIDEO: Boxee gets an iPhone, iPod touch (Hippo) remote control, cool…

We like Boxee here at Distorted Loop – we like the idea of independent developers offering good quality software to a wide swathe of company and individual users. We like alternatives. But we also like the look of Hippo Remote 2, which turns your iPod touch, iPhone and in future your iPad into a cool-seeming remote control.

You get to control your media centre/PC/Boxee-toting device with your iPhone, which then offers a wireless keyboard, multi-touch mouse and remote control – and in this new version you also get a Web Browser and an incredible Twitter Client, bringing the Web and Social Networks to your fingertips.

The hard-working boys and girls at Hippo/Boxee just published this latest selection of demo videos, so do take a look at them. We’re impressed so we popped across and got our hands on the App...

Enjoy the clips:

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