Boxee + Apple TV – clarification

The Boxee team has confirmed its patch for the new Apple TV 2.3 software is available, but some problems remain.

“We’re currently working on an exciting new solution for 100 percent reliable launch into frontscreen. Look for this in the next version,” revealed Scott Davilla.

Meanwhile, atvusb-creator-1.0.b9 and atv-win-1.0.b9 have been made available for download. Both include XBMCLauncher-0.8 and SoftwareMenu-0.741 as well as ssh/bintuils.

“This release will fix some of the problems with ATV 2.3 but unfortunately not all,” Davilla said. “Sometimes xbmc/boxee is launched but nothing shows up on screen. This happens when in 720p or 1080p mode. We call this the screen release issue.”

Here’s how you get back to Front Row if this happens:
– Boxee: -> hit menu 2 times
– XBMC: -> right, right, select, select

The new version of XBMCLauncher 0.8 includes a new feature designed to prevent Boxee owners from updating their Apple TV, because the software includes the capacity to enable or disable Apple TV auto-updates.

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