Big German publishers slam Apple App Store censors

The publishers of Bild, Germany’s best-selling newspaper, have condemned Apple’s recent move to kick thousands of vaguely nekkid-type apps off of the App Store, slamming the company for inconsistent enforcement.

It gets worse – proving that Apple’s version of US morality may not be an appropriate social consensus for other more liberal countries, like, erm, Germany, a German federation representing publishers said:

“We consider Apple’s behaviour to be unfair, arbitrary, bad for business and dangerous for freedom of the press.” (That image to the left is the kind of thing German newspaper readers see quite casually every day).

Indeed, publishers in Germany are so angry at Apple’s decision to enforce an inappropriate US moral censorship code on their work it may threaten Cupertino’s future deals with publishers to boost iPad sales.

Most people should know that Germany is a very liberal country, at least when it comes to expressions of sexuality. This just goes to prove that there is on single moral code by which all humans must live (read Gulliver’s Travels for what this all means). That’s why I felt so incensed at Apple’s moves so as to write this.

The German publishers federation (VDZ) said Apple’s gung-ho action showed “the need for editors to develop their own electronic distribution platform, independent of Apple and Google” to retain control.

There may be some kind of way to a consensus position – Craig Grannell over at Cult of Mac this morning revealed Apple seems to be creating an adults-only section on the App Store. Just as it should, when it hopes to make its digital access tools the centre of the new publishing revolution.

Here’s some TV/video coverage:

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