Big Brother is watching – crisis, or opportunity?

New Media Knowledge’s (NMK) next event looks at the pros and cons of behavioural targeting.

The event, which takes place in London on November 25, asks if  behavioural targeting will save internet publishing or if it is instead a moment that marks the death of privacy.

Although the potential audience for internet publications dwarfs that of print editions, digital ad revenues have lagged well behind those for the print publications they are slowly replacing, driving the industry to look to targeting ads to specific viewers.

While more relevant advertising may be useful to consumers, it also means more consumer data is captured, causing consumers and privacy groups to demand protection against this sort of data harvesting.

NMK has assembled a panel from both sides of the debate to discuss the latest developments, concerns about and successes of behavioural targeting in online advertising. “From Facebook profiles being used to target ads to BT’s recent controversial experiment with the Phorm behavioural targeting system, it’s a hot topic and this event will look at exactly how its increasing use will affect advertising, publishing, privacy and consumers.”
Chairing the debate will be Guy Phillipson, CEO of IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), and joining him on the panel will be Nick Barnett, UK Commercial Director, Phorm, Baroness Sue Miller, Liberal Democrat Member, House of Lords, Rupert Staines, VP Europe, Specific Media, and Dr Ian Brown, Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute.
Admission costs £25.

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