Better than iTunes – 7digital offers Oasis in FLAC

7digital will offer the all-new ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ album from Oasis in the high-quality FLAC format two full weeks before the album officially ships, the company announced today.

The album will be available exclusively on from Sunday 5 October 08 in FLAC format two weeks before anyone else. Better still, Oasis fans who buy the FLAC file will also receive a completely free MP3 version of the album on the day it officially ships.

The FLAC album will contain 11 tracks and cost £9.99 or £1.49 per track. The latest release follows on the success earlier this year of Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ FLAC release on whereby 35 per cent of all In Rainbows sales through were in the FLAC format. 

Ben Drury, CEO 7digital said, “This is a very important release for us. aims to offer the best deal for consumers in terms of accessibility with MP3 music, and the best sound quality with FLAC.  By releasing this album on both formats we are offering our customers the choice to listen to their music on the device they want to.”

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