Best Tip Ever: Rice Saves A Wet iPhone

This is a fantastic tip for anybody who has ever dropped their iPhone (or conceivably any other electrical gadget) into some liquid – pop it into a bag of rice to dry it out.

Blogger Erin Thompson reports her random encounter with an ATT person on Seattle Weekly music site Reverb:

“Last night I dropped my phone in the toilet, and it wouldn’t even turn on afterwards,” she writes. “I was at Video Isle whining about how I was going to have to buy a completely new iPhone, and there was a man there who just happened to work for AT&T.

“I asked him if I should try to blow-dry my phone, and he said: ‘Turn it off completely, put it in a bag of rice, and leave it there for a couple hours. The rice will absorb the moisture’.

“So, I went home, got out a bag of rice, and stuck my phone in there. I took it out about an hour later, tried to turn it on, and the screen kind of lamely flickered at me. But at least it was turning on, so I stuck it back in there. A couple hours later, before I was about to go to sleep, I took it out and turned it on… AND IT TOTALLY WORKED.”

We suspect this could also be the cure for a damp iPod, and we’re kind of curious if it could help an en-dampened digital camera. Take a look at some different rice products here (Hint: We suspect rice and cheese mixtures won’t be appropriate).

5 thoughts on “Best Tip Ever: Rice Saves A Wet iPhone

  1. blad_rnr

    Yes, I can verify that this does work. My daughters and wife have all had to use this method to dry out their cell phones and it DOES work. Crazy idea, but success every time.

  2. Christopher

    In the humid South, you’ll often find a pinch of rice in salt shakers for the same reason. It’s a very good, natural desiccant.

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