Ben Folds keeps music live with iTunes

Ben Folds and iTunes have teamed up for an innovative music sales scheme that combines the artist’s latest album, his tour, live recordings and an exclusive live album in a deal the partners say is a “new way music is recorded and distributed to music fans worldwide.”

It’s quite interesting: Folds calls the collection “The Sounds of Last Night…This Morning.” And that’s exactly what it is.

You see, during Folds’ current US tour one live track is being recorded in each of 10 cities and made available the next day exclusively on the iTunes Store.

The artist’s own site reveals that tracks are recorded to a Mac, previewed on an iPod, original cover art is made by Folds using Apple’s Photo Booth application and sent to iTunes for sale the next day.

And, once the tour ends all these tracks will be compiled together for an exclusive iTunes live album, which fans may purchase at a reduced price based on the songs they’ve already bought via iTunes’ Complete My Album feature.

The first three live tracks include, ‘Free Coffee’, ‘Errant Dog’, ‘Lovesick Diagnostician’.

3 thoughts on “Ben Folds keeps music live with iTunes

  1. Brian McCall

    The Fixx pioneered this concept by providing entire concerts on a memory stick just after the shows. I love Ben Folds and this is another step by providing songs via iTunes. It’s a great marketing technique and somethings I’m sure fans will enjoy. Rock on!

  2. Snover

    barkod dedi?imizde bundan birka? y?l ?nce akl?m?za sadece ?izgiler ve bo?lukar gelirdi. Zaten t?rk?eye de ?izgi kod olarak uyarland?. Ama ?uanda teknolojinin geli?mesine paralel olarak, bir?ok barkod g?rseli varyasyonu ?retildi.

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