BBC World News streams live to iPhone

Akamai today announced that Livestation, a UK-based global provider of online broadcast content, has launched its streaming application which allows live television broadcasts to be sent to the iPhone using Akamai Media Delivery.

The Livestation technology puts broadcasters in direct contact with the users and generates revenue for them when the application is purchased from the iPhone App Store.

Livestation went live with its application in June 2009, with BBC World News as the first broadcaster pushing live content to viewers in 16 European countries. The Livestation service being used by BBC World News offers two quality streams; 96Kbps on 3G/Edge and 300Kps on WiFi. The service is being promoted by the BBC with a series of adverts on its European satellite feed and also online.

Matteo Berlucchi, CEO of Livestation, said; “When we developed our application to deliver live streaming of broadcast content to the iPhone, we needed a delivery platform that could support the global demand we anticipated it would generate and that could scale easily as demand for the services increased. We needed more than just a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We needed a solution that could deliver live content to 40 million iPhones globally as the use of our application grew.

“We believe that the current take-up of our application is just the tip of the iceberg,” continued Berlucchi. “Once other broadcasters see the immediate business benefits of the revenue model we are offering, whereby they receive payment when an iPhone user purchases our application for their service, we expect usage to increase. In the future, paid-for content is also a possibility, further strengthening the business benefits of broadcasters using Livestation and Akamai is a key part of the strengths.”

Alex Gibbons, Director, Digital Media Europe, at Akamai, said; “Livestation has developed an exciting delivery proposition for the mobile and broadcast industries. The need for a global delivery platform aided in their choice of Akamai. We are delighted to be able to support this initiative and look forward to helping Livestation as they sign-up new broadcasters and extend the number of users using the service globally.”

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  1. Mike

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve just opened this website because i’ve tried to search one news on BBC. Actually, the news is the next:
    Ship, 54 high-powered guns seized in Bataan (Philippines)
    Philippine seizes ship carrying Israeli guns

    Could someone tell me the reason, please?

    Thanks a lot.

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