BBC iPlayer to get Facebook, Twitter, Bebo integration

The BBC is embracing the social Web, confirming that Facebook, Twitter and Bebo integration will be part of the future of iPlayer.

BBC future media chief, Erik Huggers, confirmed these plans when speaking with The Telegraph. As he explains it, the plan begins with integration of these services into iPlayer, with such integration then spread across the BBC site.

These features are expected to debut when iPlayer 3.0 arrives. The new iPlayer will require users to register with the BBC, including logging into your favorite social media service. When logged in you’ll be able to see what your friends are watching.

(We’re interested too to note that this means the Beeb will theoretically also then have access to IP addresses and other information to help its license evasion teams get the license money. We’re not saying that’s a great thing, as it is just a little ‘Big Brother’).

“We are close to launching the third version of the iPlayer in beta which will have many more social functions embedded within it,” said Huggers.

“People will be able to bring their Facebook friends onto the iPlayer so they can share what they are listening to or watching with each other more easily.”

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