BBC confirms Olympic online video explosion

The BBC has published details of the web video traffic it experienced during the Beijing Olympics.

The statistics are impressive. “You may have noticed over the last few weeks that the Olympics has invaded our screens, websites, phones and life as never before,” wrote BBC chief technical architect, John O’Donovan on the BBC blog.

“The access to information and content has been unprecedented, and I thought you might be interested in some of the areas where we used some Olympics special sauce.”
– Nearly 40 million video streams served over the web – that compares to 2.5 million for the Athens Olympics four short years ago.

– Peak of 5.5 million Olympics videos watched each day, averaging just under 3 million;
– Peak of nearly 200,000 concurrent streams including live video and video on-demand;
– Individual clips have regularly reached over 500,000 views;
– Over 6.5 million hours of Olympics watched via the web so far.
The BBC’s Desktop Monkey also achieved 50,000 downloads(an Adobe AIR-based desktop news and event alerts application developed by the BBC for the Olympics).

Adobe’s platform evangelist Andrew Shorten, moved fast to respond to ‘the beeb’s’ published figures, saying, “The sheer quantity of video content consumed through the BBC’s sport site is pretty amazing, and really shows how video on the web has taken a huge leap forward since the last Olympics in 2004.”

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