BBC confirms iPlayer now offers radio for iPhone

iPhone users can now access the BBC’s full selection of radio shows using iPlayer and their Apple mobile (or iPod touch).

You can listen to radio shows up to seven days after they were broadcast. Shows are made available in MP3 format, compressed to 128kb/s, and listeners must have a WiFi connection active in order to download the shows.

The BBC’s Mark Friend (Controller, Multiplatform & Interactive, Audio & Music Interactive) observed, “One of the secrets of radio’s success has been the ability to listen to it while you’re on the move.

“So it’s not surprising that lots of people have been asking when they’ll be able to listen to the BBC’s digital radio services on mp3 players and mobiles.

“From today, you’ll be able to listen to BBC radio programmes on demand on an iPhone or iPod Touch for up to seven days after broadcast.

2 thoughts on “BBC confirms iPlayer now offers radio for iPhone

  1. Tom Lawton

    Excellent news! Will this mean there will also soon be a non-proprietary live stream we can listen to??

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