Award-winning Metal movie becomes an iPhone App

We so wish we hadn’t missed this when it first hit the App Store in January, but given that we’ve found out about it now we figured at least some of our music/movie-focused readers may be interested in taking a look at this iPhone App-cum-movie, ‘The Promised Land of Heavy Metal’.

The first indie film release as an app in the world, Finnish filmmaker Kimmo Kuusniemi, chose to release the movie as an iPhone app because he couldn’t secure a good deal with a film distributor.

The movie is an introduction to the world of heavy metal in general and to the Finnish heavy metal scene past and present. Aimed at beginners and enthusiasts, it gives insight and anecdotes, ideas and conclusions and basis for further speculation on the topic. We think its a superb idea for getting more of those indie releases in front of more viewers.

Kuusniemi says he didn’t come to the decision lightly. He first began working on “Promised Land of Heavy Metal” in 2007 and finished editing in 2008. The film played several rock film festivals in Europe and in private movie theaters in Finland. It’s also been shown at the London College University, where it’s part of the curriculum for a class on Finnish rock.

You can purchase the full app for a couple of dollars, or get a limited taste at what the experience could be with ‘Heavy Metal Lite’, the free version. (We say, pay the man!).

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