Atlantic’s social bid for music, Fanbase

Atlantic Records taken a step toward combining social networking with music sales, introducing its Fanbase service.

As I suppose it would to promote the launch, the label calls Fanbase “a groundbreaking digital fan experience”. Assembled using Adobe AIR technology, the first bands to stake some space on Atlantic Fanbase include. T.I., Simple Plan, Shinedown and Pretty Ricky.

Reading between the lines of the release, which includes such statements as “enabling a fully branded engagement that creates an unprecedented connection between Atlantic’s artists and their fans”, it seems clear the label hopes that interactivity and social networking are major hopes for the label.

So, what does Fanbase do? It’s not really rocket science. It pulls content about bands from multiple sources into one central location (eMusic are doing this with their newly redesigned site). Fanbase includes a music player, chat features and will offer tour dates, the latest video clips, and more. It also allows fans to get more involved in being all viral and spreading the word on their favourite acts.

“We’re always looking to elevate the experience and interaction our fans have with our artists,” said Eric Snowden Creative Director of Digital Media for Atlantic Records. “Through Fanbase we’re delivering that experience digitally, on-demand and in a manner that allows fans to create a much deeper connection with their favorite artists.”

Fanbase can be downloaded at, as well as all official artists’ sites. Atlantic collaborated with social networking site, imeem, to develop the service. iMeem has over 27 million US users (allegedly), and Fanbase integrates the imeem music player.

Atlantic says the launch of the services illustrates the label’s effort to, “embrace a wide range of digital initiatives, driving a stronger connection between their world-renowned artists and the fans that love their music.”

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