At last – MMS messaging for the iPhone looms

MMS messaging – among the most requested features lacking in the iPhone – seems set to debut on the device starting from next year, as operators choose to employ a third party solution designed to enable the feature.

Since introduction of the iPhone, users and critics have complained at the lack of MMS messaging on the Apple device, a feature that’s widely-used by mobile phone users outside of the US which enables you to send images and video clips to friends regardless of device over the existing mobile carrier network.

Swedish developer Mobilspine has announced a solution for carriers which enables MMS-messaging on the device. Designed as a white label service for mobile phone operators worldwide who want to offer their customers the facility, the company promises its solution will boost revenues for carriers, and please customers.

“Mobispine continues its strong track record of innovation and is proud to unveil the first true MMS service for iPhones. We are confident that global operators will find Mobispine’s MMS service for iPhone easy-to-use and profitable,” said Dusyant Patel, CEO, Mobispine. “This new offering will help operators generate revenue and differentiate their offerings in a highly competitive market.”

Users can easily create a new MMS and attach a picture from an album on the phone or simply take a new snapshot with the camera. The application is integrated with the iPhone’s contacts for easy access. Some of the key features for end-users include the ability to easily send and receive messages from iPhone to any phone with a native and intuitive user interface.

The application also offers the ability to capture a picture via the iPhone camera or the option to select from existing photos.

Telius is expected to be in the vanguard of operators choosing to offer the service, we hope very much that O2 in the UK and carriers elsewhere shall implement this solution – we’ve lost count now of the number of times we’ve wanted to MMS an image captured on the iPhone to a friend, and been unable to.

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