Argos on Ghostbusters flash drive buy

UK high street retailer Argos is selling a 2GB USB flash drive that ships with Ghostbusters the movie pre-loaded.

It’s an interesting new twist, where the music industry has been peddling tunes on USB sticks, this is the first time a film has been sold in this way, in a partnership between PNY and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Apparently there’s a form of DRM utilised to ensure copies can’t be made of the film, though with the product offering support for Mac, Linux and Windows systems we’re now sure which DRM will be used.

PNY’s sales and marketing director for the UK and Nordics, Stefanie Summerfield, told CustomPC there will also be room on the 2GB stick for ‘12 hours of video play, 33 hours of music and 1,080 pictures,’ in addition to the film itself.

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