The most out-there iPhone products ever?

This is surely an iPhone/iPod product that’s so insane it’s almost sane – we’re both compelled and repelled by these new winter warmers.

Etre has introduced gloves for use with touch-screen devices, and they’re not finger-less, oh no – if you look at the image you’ll see they have two fingers (thumb and index), so you can keep the rest of your digits warm while tapping your digital device.

You got to give them a point for entrepreneurial zeal, I guess, “Etre Touchy gloves seek to fill the gap left between normal pairs of gloves and fingerless pairs of gloves. While normal pairs of gloves keep your hands warm and dry, they aren’t compatible with modern touch-screen devices, which only respond to skin-on-screen contact.”

The company continues to say that bulkiness and general lack of sensitivity of other gloves leads to “fat-fingering misery when using the tiny keypads of other mobile devices,” which is a nice choice of words, if nothing else.

Available in two sizes (medium, large) in charcoal with a turquoise trim these cost £14.99 – they may even make an amusing stocking filler for any iPhone-obsessives in your life this season.

More about the firm behind these: Etre is “a digital communications agency specialising in results-driven user experience design.” Uh-huh…

4 thoughts on “The most out-there iPhone products ever?

  1. bud

    Instead of cut off finger tips, the design should have extra long hollow point fingers one can roll back if access is necessary or cover the fingers again when done.

    No patent on these ideas. Get knitting.

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