Archos on Apple attack with new devices

Archos is fighting against the Apple juggernaut, offering a pair of internet-capable handheld devices that compete with the iPhone and iPod touch, the Archos 5, 5g and Archos 7 devices.

These gadgets do have some allure: they offer WiFI, 3G, internet and email access and up to 320GB of storage space. They have a new and improved user interface, are pretty thin, and actually exceed Apple’s devices in terms of their 5” or 7’’ touch screens (800×480). Oh, and they boast powerful ARM type processors.

Like the iPhone and iPod touch, there’s an email application and full internet access, along with the capacity to watch HDMI output on TV, a capacity up to 320 GB and a search engine facility to easily find files.

Even better (some might say) is that the devices support Adobe Flash 9 video, so you can natively browse video-sharing websites such as Dailymotion and Youtube.

Henry Crohas, founder and CEO of ARCHOS said: “Today we are faced with constant technology innovations in the Personal Media Player market, with media devices that let the customer enjoy the Internet on the move via a 3.5G connection. ARCHOS now introduces a new concept by delivering the Internet Media Tablets.

“This new line of products redefines media on the move : it is a real 100% Internet multimedia platform using a WiFi and/or 3.5G-HSDPA connection. For the first time, the customer now has permanent connection to the Internet in a handheld device as they would have on their PC. What’s more, ARCHOS’ TV-centric expertise allows the customer to enjoy their multimedia entertainment and the Internet on their TV!”

UK Managing Director Tony Limrick adds: “Today we break the rules, we want to push the boundaries to meet the needs of the modern day consumer by delivering the ARCHOS Internet Media Tablet, a device which truly redefines media on the move.”

The ARCHOS 5 and 7 tablets ship this month.The ARCHOS 5 has a recommended retail price of £279 for the 60GB version and £360 for 320GB. The ARCHOS 7 is available with a recommended retail price starting at £360 for the 160GB and £440 for the 320GB.

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