Apple’s sitting on Digital DJ dreamdust

Some may recall our early experiments in iPod DJ clubbing at the Playlist Club; with the arrival of the iPhone we’ve been looking forward to something like Touch DJ – but Apple’s been sitting on the approval of the new App, for some unexplained reason.

Developers, Amidio put together this video to voice their frustration over Apple’s App Store approval process.

They explain: “Touch DJ was supposed to be one of our best apps. We never thought there would be any obstacles on it’s way to the AppStore. However it has now hit the insane 7 week review mark, and there are no clear signs that it might get approved at all. Lack of communication from the Apple side makes it even worse. We have absolutely no idea about what is going on and why the app is kept unapproved. We have to suspend the work on all new iPhone apps for now.
While Apple announced this week that it had approved over 100,000 apps for the iPhone/iPod touch platform, many developers have expressed frustration with the company over its approval process.”

Thing is, so far as we can tell, Touch DJ realises the potential of Apple’s handheld computer to deliver real-time independent precise manipulation of two pitched MP3 files – simultaneously…or DJ mixing, by any other name.

Again, from the developers, “This application is not a toy, it’s a completely new way to create stunning DJ mixes whenever you like. You can touch and feel your tracks, move around them, scratch them, EQ them, loop them, pinch them, and mix them without cueing – only by visual control. All the tracks are frequency-coloured to make beat-matching even easier.

Sounds like a fantastic app to us – we wonder if Pete Tong would use it? We do hope Apple does approve this, we think it could be quite popular. Just think about the interest that met news of the HP DJammer all those years ago

2 thoughts on “Apple’s sitting on Digital DJ dreamdust

  1. AlvinDj

    I’ll be using this app if it gets approved 😉

    Apple is really screwed up sometimes… you’re not alone for crazy delay approval of apps but totally ignoring you is another thing =/

    Anyways, all the best and keep me updated if there’re any progress 😉

    Cheers !

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