Apple’s Sept. 9 event: What to expect

In advance of the Apple event next week the Mac rumour sites are festooned with news and predictions as to what’s on the way, so we thought we should let you know what is going to happen.

For a round-up of more recent information since the publication of this post, please click here.

Digg founder Kevin Rose recently offered his prognostications for the Apple event next week, predicting iTunes 8, new low cost iPod touch, lower prices across the iPod range, a redesigned iPod nano and more.

Additional reports have anticipated new subscription services for iTunes, iTunes Unlimited. News of the launch of that service may be premature, industry insiders now allegedly say, Cnet’s Greg Sandoval claiming his shadowy “sources” don’t expect Apple to announce “anything to do with music content,” but somehow the Sandoval claim doesn’t ring true. Wait and see?

Digg’s Rose has revealed a few more details pertaining to iTunes 8 – the new version of the software we can expect to see debut next week. In a short item on his blog he reveals: “iTunes 8 includes Genius, which makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together. Genius also includes Genius sidebar, which recommends music from the iTunes Store that you don’t already have.

“With iTunes 8, browse your artists and albums visually with the new Grid view; download your favorite TV shows in HD quality from the iTunes Store; sync your media with iPod nano (4th generation), iPod classic (2nd generation), and iPod touch (2nd generation); and enjoy a stunning new music visualizer.”

Rose also adds, “the new iTunes 8.0 visualizations are really trippy – there is one with planet like objects wrapping around each other w/stars/light streams.”

Over at iLounge, the size specifications for the new iPods have been revealed. The report states the new iPod nano will return to a tall and narrow shape, rather the smaller, fatter current model. t is believed however to measure 90.75×38.75×6.08mm, slightly taller and thicker than the second-gen nano.

iLounge also says the second-generation iPod touch has been altered to look more like the iPhone 3G, complete with a tapered back and side mounted (volume?) controls.

Finally, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky has resurrected the iPhone nano story, predicting Apple may soon (but not next week) introduce an entry level, low cost (less than $99 subsidized) prepaid iPod/phone” that would be restricted to music playback and voice calls.

For a round-up of more recent information since the publication of this post, please click here.

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