Apple’s Jobs, Stone’s Jagger get EU warning

European competition commissioner Neelie Kroes today told an audience of industry luminaries, including Apple’s Steve Jobs, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and a quarry of music and technology chiefs they must do better.

Kroes warned the audience – bought together for a private meeting in Brussels today – that the EU may have to step in unless music and technology chiefs stop fighting and figure out a better way to distribute music in Europe.

“Consumers have complained that copyright rules prevent digital music downloads when the same songs can be bought on CD from an online retailer,” Bloomberg explains.

And unless the sundry chiefs meet the challenge of doing business in a unified common market (as the EU is), then European trade enforcers will step in and force them too, Kroes warned. A report drafted with the help of Jagger is due to be published in October.

“The people of Europe were promised a union, a place without borders: but on the Internet they have not yet got it. Progress has been made; sometimes impressive, but it is not enough. As Competition Commissioner, I want to know why,” said Kroes.

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