Apple’s iTunes will face Norwegian gov’t investigation

Norwegian consumer champs want iTunes song sales opened up for playback on non-iPods

Norwegian consumer champs want iTunes song sales opened up for playback on non-iPods

Apple has issued a response to the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman in relation to plans to launch action against iTunes before the country’s Market Council, says PC World.

Apparently Apple’s answer to accusations its media service breaches the Norwegian Marketing Control Act has failed to impress consumer advocates in Norway.

In a statement issued at the end of September Consumer Ombudsman Bjørn Erik Thon explained:

“It’s a consumer’s right to transfer and play digital content bought and downloaded from the Internet to the music device he himself chooses to use. iTunes makes this impossible or at least difficult, and hence, they act in breach of Norwegian law.”

“iTunes has been given enough time to present a satisfying solution to make their music available for all portable music devices,” he said.

“They have made some adjustments in their contract terms regarding how to convert the music files to make them play on other music players. But this is not enough,” he added.

Apple’s response to these claims – received today – fails to address the problem sufficiently, Norway’s consumer champion said, confirming he intends pursuing the case.

The ombudsman wants DRM removed from music sold in any online store, or wants Apple to license FairPlay for use with other devices than iPods, the PC World report continues to explain.

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