Apple’s iTunes promises free Christmas downloads

Facing intensified competition in the UK market, Apple’s iTunes Store is offering a range of special free downloads for customers this Christmas.

The iTunes Store will offer a free download every day for twelve days as part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion.  The first download will be available on Boxing Day and then every day afterwards until January 6, 2009.  

Apple promises these downloads will include rare singles, exclusive live tracks, free music videos from some of the biggest artists in the world plus classic TV episodes you won’t want to miss.  “A great way to start filling the iPod you received for Christmas,” a company representative said.

Just in case you forget the deal’s on, the company this morning published a web page where the downloads will be revealed as they are introduced, and where iTunes users can sign-up to receive email alerts as new content is made available as part of the deal.

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