Apple’s iPad Is Banned In Israel….

Citing differences in WiFi coding, Israeli authorities have banned Apple’s iPad from being taken into the country, with customs officials seizing units as they cross the border, a report claims.

“Starting on Tuesday, Israel’s Communications Ministry has banned the importation of Apple iPad computers into Israel, and will even confiscate those which are brought in by travelers through Ben Gurion International Airport,” says Israeli National News.

This doesn’t appear to be a permanent ban. Officials said the iPad’s broadcast WiFi power levels are not compatible with Israeli standards, which are closer to European standards than American ones.┬áThe Communications Ministry is in the process of investigating iPad to begin the process of “approving importation”.

Here though is the kicker: Anyone found in possession of an iPad on entering the country may see it confiscated by customs, who will charge a storage fee for looking after it until a traveller leaves. And there’s fines for anyone attempting to sneak their iPad in.

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