Apple’s former legal chief says working for AAPL was ‘just crazy’

He’s back, Apple’s former general counsel Daniel Cooperman has retired his retirement to take on a slightly slower-paced legal job at law firm Bingham McCutchen.

Cooperman – who was also Oracle’s general counsel before joining Apple – says he’s going to bring the law firm up to speed, and admits he needed to take time out from the serious 24/7 stress of running legal at Apple.

He told the Wall Street Journal that working for a corporation was fast, intense and “just crazy”. “It’s an extreme amount of responsibility and accountability and you need to be available fully 24 hours a day. After all that time, I really wanted a bit of sabbatical,” he said.

Cooperman joined Apple from Oracle Corporation in November 2007, where he served as General Counsel for nearly 11 years. Prior to joining Oracle, he was a partner with the San Francisco-based law firm of McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen. Now known as Bingham McCutchen, this means he’s basically heading home in his new appointment.

3 thoughts on “Apple’s former legal chief says working for AAPL was ‘just crazy’

  1. jbelkin

    Nice – I’d like a job where I can my employers I took the job because I can take it easy.

  2. NotTellinYou

    Coward! Deleting my post where I accuse you of click baiting with a false headline heh? AGAIN, he said “working for a corporation was fast, intense and “just crazy”” he DID NOT say working for “Apple” was just crazy! Feel free to delete again, and I’ll obsessively and sadly check back and paste again, it can a fun game! 😉

  3. Cyndy Leader

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