Apple’s Comic Capers hint at Tablets future

mayhem_coverWell, if you’re waiting for Apple’s eBook attack, it may have already begun – and it seems to underline some expectation of an Apple tablet, according to a report on Fortune…

Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem is the first digital book for sale on iTunes 9

“Take a look at the Mayhem comic iTunes LP ($1.99), and it’s easy to see the potential of book or magazine sales over Apple’s digital store. For starters, Apple has amazing reach – there are more than 100 million iTunes accounts connected to credit cards, which is a sizable audience. In the Mayhem iTunes LP itself there is a beautiful flow to the action; new panels zoom into the foreground as others fade away.

“And it’s not just text and images; both audio and video come along with the package. The interface is designed so that it would obviously work nearly as well on a touch-sensitive tablet – or even on an iPhone – as it does on a full-fledged PC.”

Good report, read it in full right here…

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