Apple/O2 introduce Pay & Go iPhone to UK

Apple UK today introduced the long-awaited Pay-As-You-Go iPhone 3G in the UK, with prices starting at £342.50.

Earlier this year the company and its exclusive UK mobile carrier O2 admitted plans to introduce a Pay-As-You-Go version of the much in-demand product here.

Two models are available, the 8GB version costs £342.50 while the 16GB model sets you back just £50 more, retailing at £391.45.

In a nice benefit, iPhone Pay & Go includes 12 months unlimited 3G data and WiFi access through a wide range of wireless hotspots across the UK.

Two iPhone features you won’t get under the Pay & Go deal are visual voicemail and call merging, neither of which are made available to customers not paying a monthly contract.

Customers in the market for one of these must follow the following steps:

– Purchase an iPhone 3G from the Apple Online Store.
– Connect iPhone 3G to your computer, which opens iTunes. Follow the on screen instructions to set up your iPhone 3G.
– On your iPhone 3G, change the data settings (see Activation), then top up by a minimum of £10 to activate your iPhone.

Additional information as to what O2 is offering Pay & Go iPhone users is available here.

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