Apple wants video in the cloud, hates Amazon’s download deals, no Flash for US Virgin….

A trio of overnight reports that seem worth a mention but already appear well-worn online – with Apple planning to store movies and TV shows in the cloud, iTunes team members trying to tempt labels away from free download deals with Amazon and Virgin America dumping Flash in a love tryst with the iPad.

CNet tells us that Apple reps have been speaking with major film studios about enabling iTunes users to store movies/TV shows they legally own in the cloud on Apple servers. This extends previous notions Apple intends letting iTunes users host their collection in the cloud for access from anywhere using any connected device.

(We’ve been reporting this since last year, by the way)

Apple has told the studios that under the plan, iTunes users will access video from various Internet-connected devices. Apple has already begun similar discussions with music labels.

Some stumbling blocks. “The studios are very concerned that they’re going to get roped into somebody’s proprietary platform,” said James McQuivey, a media analyst at Forrester Research. “They want a world where consumers have a relationship with the content, and not with the device or the service.”

Apple can’t force the studios’ hand – it may be forced to support devices from other makers with its service.

Apple gets nasty

Amazon offers a daily MP3 deal through its site, which has moved from being promotional thing to become a way for the company to tie labels into exclusive download deal windows, locking iTunes out the deal.

A music label exec told Billboard. When that happened,” the executive says, “iTunes said, ‘Enough of that shit.’ ”

Sources say that iTunes reps have been urging labels to rethink their participation in the Amazon promotion and that they have backed up those warnings by withdrawing marketing support for certain releases featured as Daily Deals.

Now that iTunes’ objections to the Daily Deal are widely known, most labels are shying away from allowing their new releases to be part of the promotion on either street date or the day before, Billboard reports. More here.

Finally, in a sign of things to come, we believe, new airline Virgin America has decided HTML is “good enough” for animating online content on its brand-new website, which went live Monday, dumping Flash. Virgin picked HTML to give users of iPhones and other mobiles the option in the future of checking in through their phone.

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    I’ve never left a comment on your blog bfroee today, but I can’t keep silent any longer! I was at First Baptist Woodstock the night that this recording was made (drove down from NC) and it was an absolutely awesome evening of worship!I have been so looking forward to the CD coming out and mine arrived in the mail yesterday! I fell asleep listening to it last night and I awoke to it this morning. It has literally been playing all day today and there are no words to describe how wonderful it is!As soon as I started listening to the CD, I was “taken back” to that evening as you led us to the throne in worship.I am so looking forward to being with you at Deeper Still in Greensboro at the end of July for another time of awesome praise and worship! Until then..may God bless you and your precious family! DO IT LORD!

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