Apple versus Google: Now Samsung Plans An Android-Powered TV

Just how far is the battle going to go, as Apple defines itself as the world’s leading consumer electronics company while Google attempts to retool itself as a product and software firm, rather than a search engine. Now comes the news Samsung may be preparing to assemble Android-powered televisions…

Now, way I see it, that’s got to constitute a kick in the bottom for Apple with its Apple TV ‘hobby’. If Google’s Android is going to emerge beyond smartphones and beyond the netbook and take a place in the front room, then Apple needs to fight back (which it already is doing, of course).

After successfully launching their brand new range of 3D TVs, which have completely sold out in the company’s home territory of Korea, the Korean Herald is now reporting that an unidentified Samsung executive has said that: “we are considering Google TVs. We are examining the business feasibility of Google TVs.”

Samsung’s vice president Kim Kyeong-hyun has previously said that he believes “(Apple and Google) will help expand the TV market.”

We think the Apple versus Google enmity just gets more interesting.

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