Apple updates MobileMe for iPhone, iPod touch users

Apple has made a few small improvements to its MobileMe service for users accessing it via an iPhone or iPod.

Such users choosing to go to MobileMe using their Apple mobile device now see new until now absent links to help set-up Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Even better – you can now use the Find My iPhone from another iPhone in the event yours is lost or stolen.

Explaining the news in a tech support document, Apple states, “When you visit via Safari on an iPhone or iPod touch, the experience is different than when you use a web browser on a computer.”

“Accessing with your iPhone/iPod touch allows you access to the following items:

  • A link to setup instructions for setting up Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Find my iPhone on your iPhone/iPod touch.
  • A link to use Find My iPhone from a friend’s iPhone/iPod touch if you need to locate your lost iPhone/iPod on a map, display a message, play a sound, or remotely lock or wipe it.
  • A link to download the iDisk app on the App Store.
  • A link to download the Gallery app on the App Store.

If your subscription needs renewing, don’t neglect to take a look at Amazon, where a year’s MobileMe access costs just $70.99, rather than the standard $99.99 price.

Via: Tidbits

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