Apple updates Apple TV, kills Boxee

Apple last night released an update for its Apple TV set-top box introducing some handy new features, at the cost of support for popular third-party software, Boxee.

Notes introduced with the release say the updated software lets Apple TV users stream music from the device to Airport Express speakers or other Apple TVs in your house using AirTunes.

Since Apple released its new software, the team behind Boxee have worked incredibly hard to update their solution to work with the Apple TV – read all about it here.

Playlists in iTunes that contain Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Music Videos can now be seen on Apple TV, and there’s (IMHO) welcome new support for volume controls in the system.

Sadly these new features break Boxee, 9to5Mac warns. “Don’t install if you want to keep Boxee,” the site warns.

Intriguingly, “Apple TV can now learn other remote controls and use them in addition to the Apple Remote,” which begs a few questions, we’ll have to see what’s being set-up there – will Apple at last create an uber-remote control, or is someone else developing one with support from Apple?

Here’s an old rant about the need for a decent remote control I wrote once at a time when writing still earned me some money, (though the publisher there strangely didn’t see why it should pay for blogs…)

Additional details:
– Subtitles display improves;
– Newly added rentals and purchases choices in relevant lists;
– Volume now works with music videos.

13 thoughts on “Apple updates Apple TV, kills Boxee

  1. Scott Davilla

    Not for long, few more hours and a new XBMCLauncher with updated atvusb-creator/atv-win will be released.

    Scott “Mr. AppleTV” Davilla

  2. Jim McGreevy

    Apple released a new free remote control for the Apple TV with their iPhone 2.0 software earlier this year. It’s called “Remote” and you can easily download it from the iTunes App store! Works great on the iPod touch or iPhone.

    Seems like an “uber-remote” to me — what other remote can play music videos and movies, not to mention music and podcasts and audiobooks? Or display printed books? I’m still waiting for Zinio to create a magazine app. Cheers!

  3. Jonny Post author

    Yeah, but I also want it to control my TV and DVD recorder, c’mon Apple (or third party developer), the world needs it!

  4. Aaron

    Yes, need a new remote. I can use my iPhone (the remote app.), but my AppleTV is on a “n” network, not a “g” for speed reasons.

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