Apple + Symbian in iTunes tie-up? Surely not

It may sound insane, but the latest impossible Apple rumour claims Cupertino is developing iTunes for Symbian-powered S60 smartphones.

We’ll believe it when we see it, but the claims – which even come with screenshots – suggest the new iTunes for Symbian software will be made available next year. And yes, it’s probably all fake..

The claims grow even more unlikely when the report states that the software will include API code licensed by Apple from Nokia designed to increase sound quality.

We don’t buy it, but as iTunes becomes the world’s leading music retailer, such a move could be construed as an attempt to liberalise the service in order to avoid future accusations of monopolism.

The move could also reflect acceptance by Apple that it will never topple Nokia’s lead in the mobile handset business, preferring instead to squeeze competitors out with a deal between the two.

However, every jot of these ruminations are speculation based on a report that seems very likely to be untrue – but still, it sure is food for thought.

3 thoughts on “Apple + Symbian in iTunes tie-up? Surely not

  1. Jonny Post author

    Yep, quite agree – it’s a Friday rumour – but with plenty of doubt and uncertainty attached! Even in the title!

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