Snow Leopard soon, maybe, Apple boffin warns

Apple’s Director of Engineering of Unix Technologies Jordan Hubbard spoke at the high end engineering conference, LISA ’08 last week, MacRumors explains, and let slip Snow Leopard may ship as soon as Q1 2009.

In a slide alleged to emerge from the event, during which Hubbard discussed the evolution of Mac OS X from large servers to embedded platforms, and revealed a potential release date for the next version of the OS.

We’d like to apologise to those of our readers who don’t use a Mac, but this news seems likely to set the Mac world on fire this morning,¬†particularly as Snow Leopard is likely to offer a whole host of quality and performance improvements, not least the capacity to use GPU for general processing and more.

Unfortunately, the way things are going, it may also include support for the punitive technology which is HDCP (more later).

9 thoughts on “Snow Leopard soon, maybe, Apple boffin warns

  1. None

    Remember Apple’s Q1 is in October… Not January. Apples fiscal year is October – September

  2. David

    I would like to say to Jonny that “slips schedule” in the software world ALWAYS means a later date, not an earlier one. When I arrived I was expecting to see information that 10.6 wouldn’t ship until October 2009.

    Amazing at it might sound I don’t want Snow Leopard to ship too soon. The last three .0 releases have all required quick .1 patches to fix problems so I’d rather Apple wait a couple of months and ship that .1 as .0.

  3. Jonny Post author

    Hey None – shipping it when it’s ready makes the most sense,
    And David, good point re: slip

  4. Greg

    I agree that we will see this OS later rather then sooner. Lets hope we will not see all the problems that 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 had when they were rolled out. Yes still better then any Microsoft release but still people expect better things from Apple.

  5. TA

    Jordan meant the calendar Q1 – 14 months from the 10/07 introduction of Leopard.

    The title of this article is misleading – it reads as though Apple has slipped the release date, meaning that have put it off until later. You want to say ‘lets slip’, which means to reveal.

  6. Jonny Post author

    TA and also David: I do try to listen, and you both held the same complaint, so I altered the headline to something I hope you think is less misleading – though I’m in the UK and it would be part of natural language to say ‘slips’, but I get the drift and changed ti, ‘cos it’s going to be a bit better, thanks for the advice.

  7. robinson

    Nope! The new headline still doesn’t work for
    American English.

    “let slip” means to let go, release, as is to let go of the expected release date and have it occur later.

    I’d drop the word “slip” entirely. Why not:

    “Apple may be releasing Snow Leopard sooner”

    or “The Cat May Leap Sooner than Expected: Snow Leopard in the Spring!”

  8. Jonny Post author

    Oh good lord!!!
    Apple perhaps plans Q1 Snow Leopard surprise?
    Snow Leopard surprise – exec reveals Q1 plan
    Snow Leopard soon, maybe

    I’ll use that last one.
    Now – I think Snow Leopard may only be evolutionary, but I’m anticipating performance will surprise – waddya out there think?

  9. newbill123

    Snow Leopard is Apple’s scheduled opportunity to clean up documentation, programming interfaces, and best practices without the pressure of delivering and debugging new major user-visible features. They can call it “done” whenever they like.

    If Apple’s engineers are on track to deliver these cleanup goals early, they simply hand their work over to marketing and start work on their goals for 10.7. If they are running behind, it indicates something isn’t usable in its current form and needs to be refactored or redeveloped which probably won’t happen in the 10.6 timeframe.

    Because 10.6 is not a feature driven release, Microsoft’s shipping of Windows 7 will have more influence on the decision when to package and ship 10.6 than Jordan Hubbard will.

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