Apple slapped over misleading iPhone claim

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has declared an iPhone ad once screened in the UK to be misleading and demanded it not be broadcast again in this country.

Apple’s ad made the claim that “You never know which part of the internet youll need. The do you need sun cream part? The what’s the quickest way to the airport part? The what about an ocean view room part? Or the can you really afford this part? Which is why all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone.”

The ASA received two complaints from viewers who said the ad was misleading, as the iPhone does not offer support for Flash or for Java, meaning some everyday parts of the internet are not available.

Apple’s argument that the two standards mentioned were proprietary, not integral to the internet, and were two standards it had chosen not to support in its platform were dismissed.

The ASA said the express nature of the claim would lead viewers to expect Flash and Java support. The ad breached several standards and must not be re-broadcast again, the ads watchdog said.

Meanwhile, here’s the US equivalent of the ad in its full glory:

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