UPDATED: Apple pushes for cheaper TV downloads

Apple is reported to be attempting to secure a better deal for iTunes-using TV show customers, pushing for lower prices from TV networks.

The Financial Times reports the company to be pushing for shows to cost $1 – half the current cost.

Apple is trying to convince networks that lowering prices would increase sales, thereby making up for any loss in revenue they’d see from the cut.

Networks are resisting this attempt – despite DVD prices being considerably lower, for the most part.

In related news: Apple has been in talks with the major television networks in an attempt to persuade them to join a “best of TV” online subscription service for the company’s planned tablet device that it reportedly plans to unveil on Wednesday, the website BroadcastEngineering.com reports.

The plan is to offer four to six shows per channel. Apple chief Steve Jobs anticipates that the tablet could eventually introduce entirely new methods of storytelling that would combine traditional text with photos, video, and animation.

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