Apple publishes 2009 Supplier Responsibility report

Sometimes you just need to join the dots, and now some of the reports emanating from major media outlets detailing various problems faced by workers at some Apple manufacturing partners make a lot more sense, emerging as they have scant days before Cupertino issues its 2010 Progress Report on Supplier Responsibility, which it has this evening.

The report confirms the majority of Apple’s manufacturing partners are based in countries including Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Apple confirms that work to improve the lot of workers at its manufacturing partners continues within the body of this new 24-page report. As Macworld puts it, the report i”ncludes the results of supplier audits that Apple carried out in 2009, as well as information about programs Apple has enacted to help improve conditions for workers across its supply base.”

Education, details of a range of training problems, recruitment and agency fees and information on which facilities Apple has audited in the last year all appear in the report.

Apple checked 102 facilities last year – the report confirms that in most cases Apple is the only firm to have conducted such checks.

“Apple said it determined that seven of those audited in 2009 were in need of what it termed “corrective actions,” Macworld explains, citing the report. Apple bought in consultants to sort problems out when identified.

Excessive working hours, improper calculation of overtime wages and pay below minimum wages were among a range of problems, which also included safety, discrimination and environmental failings.

The report will make for interesting reading, take a look at it here.

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