Apple preparing HD TV assault on the front room

Apple holds the attention right now and in among the focus on laptop upgrades there’s whispers claiming the company may make another stab at the front room with introduction of a networked HD TV.

What this means is interesting: effectively it would twin a high-quality Apple-designed screen with a device similar in function to the Apple TV, spiced hopefully with a digital TV tuner that’s appropriate to the territories the product’s placed on offer in.

Should the product prove popular enough then it can only mean more people doing more shopping for music and media through iTunes, as the company applies the economics of scale to further infuse growth into its media service, which counts 65 million registered (read credit card filed) members worldwide.

The report confirms the plan, saying, “These LCD HDTVs will be fully networked, with the ability to stream all your iTunes content from your Mac or PC. In fact, Calacanis told me they’ll function like a standard TV with an Apple TV box, only without the need for the box.”

We think this plan could hold interesting opportunities for reaching casual home users, rather than technologists, ultimately opening the floodgates to extensive growth in music and media sales, as telly watchers hit the “Buy now” button when they watch an artist performing on TV.

Essentially a fully integrated system such as this one will attract immediate sales among Apple users, and if seen to be pleasant to use could very likely quickly spread to a wider congregation of users.

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