Apple pops another iPhone ad

“Family Travel”.

“It’s unbelievable how much better family trips have gotten. Just last week I checked us in on the way to airport. Found the kids a snack near the gate. And even had their favorite movie ready to go. Then my husband turned to me and said, “Did we turn off the lights?” So we turned off the lights.

And that’s why I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone.”

2 thoughts on “Apple pops another iPhone ad

  1. Juan

    My guess is that these are NOT Apple sponsored ads. They are AT&T sponsored ads, that’s why they are much different than the normal Apple ads.

    AT&T doesn’t usually get any mention in an Apple ad for the iPhone but there is their logo at the end of the commercial BEFORE Apple’s logo.

    in any case, nice ad showing the practical value of an iPhone.

  2. mark

    That’s an Apple ad. Apple ads have had the AT&T logo at the end just before the Apple logo since 2007.

    AT&T is not allowed to advertise iPhone on TV or print. They can only have signs on their website or in their stores (like all other retail stores).

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