Apple plans iTunes TV broadcasting?

Apple appears to be hatching some kind of plan to transform iTunes into a television broadcasting solution, according to a recent patent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Appleā€™s patent posits broadcast services that will be made available from iTunes that will work with a new add-on accessory for the iPod and iPhone. The proposed accessory would “also work with Yahoo and Microsoft subscription services”, MacNN claims.

The report adds that another similar accessory that will be available for the iPod later this year from a third party, potentially PacketVideo.

A very broad overview of the patent description suggests the technology would enable users to access broadcasts (music, video, whatever) using the internet, alongside conventional TV and radio broadcasts and their digital equivalents. It also appears users would be able to set their devices to scan for broadcasts on specific topics, or ‘tags’.

1 thought on “Apple plans iTunes TV broadcasting?

  1. Dan

    Its about time. But why is Apple the only company who can push these industries? It really is about time that the old media guys and gals just handed the reigns over to the new media guys and gals.

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