Apple plans ARM-based netbook for ’09?

As the annual San Francisco Apple event looms, it seems there may be a plan to launch an Apple netbook running on ARM processors, perhaps as soon as next year.

It appears plans for ARM-based processors may extend beyond the iPhone and the iPod touch, with plans for a Netbook or Mac tablet in the frame, a report claims.

Computerworld’s Seth Weintraub spoke with ARM’s Bob Morris, director of platform enablement. And while Morris could not or would not state anything on or off record as regards Apple and that company’s plans, he stressed the sundry advantages of the ARM platform.

Weintraub also got hold of a set of internal PowerPoint presentation slides which hint at a Mac in future, with an image of a MacBook Air at the top of the ARM tree.

Other interesting stats:

– The first netbooks (that Morris could discuss) ship n mid 2009 running Linux. 
– They be running the Android platform. 
– Two different vendors are said to be working on Android for a Netbook
– ARM mobile processors are more efficient than those offered by Intel, the report claims
– Apple has an internal PA Semi team working on future ARM chips for the iPhone/iPod touch.

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