Apple meets US book publishers as Amazon changes its Kindle deal

Apple negotiators are in New York this week for a series of eleventh hour “secret” iSlate-related meetings with leading US book publishers, reports The Bookseller.

The report suggests publishers are attempting to ensure greater control over pricing and supply of digital material. The reports follow the Wall Street Journal report yesterday which named HarperCollins US as one of the parties in the negotiations.

Publishers are seeking an “agency model” with Apple, whereby they control access to the digital file and the price it is sold at. It seems all of the six largest US publishers are involved in these discussions.

However, with the tablet launch looming, it seems final deals may not now be in place before the product’s anticipated January 27 introduction.

Meanwhile, Amazon has changed its Kindle book distribution deal, offering publishers 70 percent royalties (from June 30). That’s the same deal offered by Apple to developers selling Apps via iTunes – which we recall is also the deal the company was reportedly offering book publishers.

Until now. Amazon has offered a 35 percent royalty to publishers and authors.

Battle is joined…

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